Thursday, 23 February 2012


On Sunday the 19th of February, I finally became an auntie to Eva Rose Davidson. She is the most perfect thing that I have ever seen I’m such a proud sister and auntie! I’ll be able to draw plenty of drawings of her as she fits perfectly into my theme for my brief of pregnancy in humans and animals.

Finally went back to uni this afternoon after spending some much needed bonding time with my niece, it was weird to be back and working! Cutting shapes out in jewellery to get under way of sampling and techniques, I’m looking into the technique of patination, just done a few samples there so my hands have being left smelling of vinegar, something that I’m going to have to get used to. I’ll be seeing what there look like in the next 24 hours and will keep you updated. Ceramics tomorrow, MOULD MAKING! Looking forward to getting messy.
Here’s just a few images of drawings which I have done last week and of course a photo of my beautiful niece just a few minutes old.

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