Sunday, 12 February 2012


Finally a fresh start with a new brief along with a new theme, naïve is out the window, and now ‘connections’ is set in stone. From the word connection which was previously linked to my set mini one week brief, I have decided to look into pregnancy within humans and animals. This ties in nicely while waiting for my first niece to be born, 8 DAYS HOPEFULLY! Once my little cherub is born it will provide me with a huge lot of different things which I could draw from for my primary research. For the time which I’m left waiting and hoping to come sooner I’m looking into the womb and looking at the cord and how it connects, I’m going to be looking into recreating it with crochet and knitting (with the help from my mam) with wool, threads and coloured wires which will hopefully be arriving very soon! Imagery of drawings, research and sampling to follow very soon.  

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