Thursday, 16 February 2012


Me and crochet are slowly becoming new best friends as you can see, it’s certainly a good job that I only want to do such simple cord shapes instead of going all high tech, I wouldn’t have a chance in hell. Now that I finally learnt how to do it, up next was crocheting with wire, which with the finished result I was happy with! I’ve worked back into the crochet adding beading too as well as adding in theads.

Up next is to befriend knitting over the weekend, which will be a challenge. So far this week has being made up of a lot of planning into what materials I want to work with which seems to be a never ending list! I’m trying to work balanced out in both three areas of textiles, jewellery and ceramics this time!

As well ive being looking into influential artists to write about for my report, I’m defiantly stuck for choice and will keep you updated with who I finally manage to choose! It’s also helped me this week into looking into different artists who work with wire and make it appear effortless beautiful, so focusing it on one of them may be on the cards.

Here's a sneaky look into what's being keeping me busy so far this week.



  1. I love the wire ones, especially the tube one. Also love the one you've done with chord or whatever that thick material is! Lovelyxxx