Saturday, 28 January 2012


'As long as something creates a reaction it’s alive'
- words from Maurizio Anzeri

Something old and something new, Maurizio Anzeri works into vintage found photographs embellishing them with hand embroidery. The finished pieces are breath taking, and bring something which is old back to life capturing the feeling of the pieces.

Early last year he teamed up with the photographer Richard Burbridge and stylist Robbie Spencer for Dazed and Confused June 2011 edition magazine, and produced pieces which were both energetic and captured the movement of the models beautifully.

Friday, 27 January 2012


After many hours etching, mono printing, hand stitching and getting covered in brusho even when wearing gloves. All eight of my final pieces finally got completed, within my range with the given title ‘naïve’.

Keeping within the naïve feel to my pieces I gave each item a name which created more of a character and personality to the pieces. When it came to choosing what names to give them, it was very simple. And I settled with giving them my pet fish’s names past and current, who are the apple of my both left and right eyeballs.  

Benjamin Scott Lee piece, mixed media necklace
My main focus exhibition piece which I created was a mixed media necklace which combined the materials of textiles and jewellery within the one piece. This was made up of hand stitching onto ready brought felt and onto brightly coloured fabrics, as well as then etching animal’s heads and vegetables and therefore having them within the one final outcome.

Tilly piece, textiles famed art work
Cassidy Joy piece, textiles sign plaque
Bluebell day, ceramic wall piece
I also went onto to make a piece of textiles framed art work and a door sign plaque which was created for the children’s bedroom, which were both created using brusho onto suede and embellishing into it with hand embroidery using both thin and thick threads. I created a ceramic wall hanging to fit within a children’s bedroom, which was made for extra smooth clay, stamping with my rubber stamps which I had previously created within textiles. Then mono printing over the top, having a transparent glaze applied to it before finally adding the decals over the top.

Florence Sunflower Alexandra piece, jewellery silver plated brooch
T Ducky Rex piece, mixed media silver plated brooch
I created two brooches as well, one being completely copper which was then silver plated and joined together though hand stitch. This piece was made up of a cows head, a mushroom body and a pepper lower body part. These were influenced by my animal vegetable creatures which I had previously created. My second brooch was mixed media having the same cows head created twice; one being in copper, again being silver plated and oxidised to bring out the linear and the detail of the etching. And the other one being created with different coloured brought felt which had then being hand embroidered into. The two pieces where then connected together using silver jump rings.

Patrick Tilly James piece, textiles key ring

Arthur Judas, jewellery key ring
I also created two different key rings, one being purely textiles. Being created using the materials of ready brought felt, and Angelina fibres as well being worked back into with hand embroidery. My second key ring was purely jewellery, made of copper, again being silver plated and oxidised and connected by stitches, and being completed with jump ring arms and legs.


Finally our deadline has being and gone, and I’m so happy to have everything handed in, and one day early to! Don’t worry I took it upon myself to go and celebrate. We had to place all our work onto our bays, which proved difficult as somehow I seemed to have far too much; I swear it’s those boxes! In the end I came out with eight final pieces, I just don’t know how I did it. Luckily my silver plating items came on Thursday just one day before which was nerve wracking, but thank god there worked and look beautiful!

We’ve now being given a mini week brief to complete over readers week which is to do with finding our happy place within a series of drawings. So looks like this week will jam packed with continuous line drawings and then a workshop with Sarah Morpeth what I’m really looking forward to!

The following images are just some of my starting out samples then developing onto some more refined samples, which have then being displayed in a number of different ways. Such as being on a height chart, placed in books or placed onto card.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012



Oh hello, just a little creature with a orangutan head along with a orange body, just need a name for the little fella.

Fabrics all stitched together ready for creating animal heads and vegetable bodys tomorro, not used to all this color!


Why have i only just came across this talented man who can actually draw beautifully, AND who includes Florence Welch in his work too, like Florence Welch riding a bear. What more could you possibly want out of a drawing. His illustrations of the animals are little cuties as well.

People should also go and vote for him from the 20th of this month, for the Florence and the machine's limited edition vinyl competition for the teenage cancer trust.

Friday, 13 January 2012


Piece's ready to be sent of to be silver plated, can't wait to see these finished baby's. Then to be made into a mixed media necklace, mixed media brooch's and a key ring. Textiles wall piece is nearly completed too! And ceramic wall piece just needs decals applying to it, i am on a roll!