Monday, 28 November 2011


With far too many threads, ribbons and bits and bobs I decided it was finally time to get a much bigger sewing box. And here it is, it will be like Christmas day when it gets delivered!

Friday, 25 November 2011


Last Friday I taught myself how to use Photoshop, this is one of my outcomes. Half animal, half vegetable.


Firstly pants and paper is such a cracking name, why don’t I have such a creative business name? Would be so much more effective them my silly little name, Karen and Alan defiantly could of gave me a more adventurous name. Really need to start thinking about a business name actually; one will probably pop into my mind at around two in the morning, always the time when I get my ideas. Anyhow this set is defiantly going on my Christmas list, how sweet is it. Such a big obsession for birdcages.

Pants and paper create such cute little brooches; have a closer look on their shop on not on the high street website.


Attempting to create my 40 samples PLUS my 12 refined samples has left me with battered hands I’m not going to lie. After managing to snap over twenty blades and cutting my poor little finger twice, I am defiantly glad to say it’s the weekend. 
My 12 refined samples are slowly coming along, hoping to get textiles completed over the weekend. It’s being very messy indeed while applying brusho to different materials, leaving me with beautiful stained hands. The colours at least look nice on the fabrics though, lots of hand embroidery going into them along with the use of using my rubber stamps.
Then it’s a very busy two weeks ahead of me, to complete the rest of jewellery and ceramics. I’ve chosen to focus upon the technique of etching within jewellery, creating lots of animals little faces alongside vegetable bodies. Very na├»ve indeed. The jewellery room has slowly become as if it’s my second home this week, little do people know that me and jewellery DO NOT get on. Excited to combine textiles and jewellery together though! In ceramics I’m experimenting with mono printing which I’m actually enjoying, hopefully by Monday there should be fired so I can apply some decals on top which are of my drawings of vegetables.

Next… design development.

Monday, 7 November 2011


Lots and lots of drawing from vegetables lately, moving onto fruit and animals next.