Saturday, 13 August 2011

charcoal & pastels

Im getting fed up with using fineliner to draw with now, so ive just went and ordered some grey and black charcoal and some pastels. I hope there hurry up and come soon so i have something new to work with! Goodbye fineliner you have being loved and shall be missed.

Heres some of the photos which i took from York earlier in the week, which im eventally going to get round to drawing tomorro. Im beginning to think thats what Sundays were made for. Im hoping to go on a adventure again this week to somewhere new!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


My summer project had so far being filled up of very random drawings indeed; until that is i finally got out of Stockton (For anybody that lives there to you can imagine my excitement). I had my adventures in Whitby and York, and luckily the sunshine was out! I spent rather a lot of pennies there but I couldn’t help it, the shops there are so cute and perfect. Although I did buy a letter sign, which when I got it home after hammering it in with a heel turned out to spell… Keep calm and carr on. IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN TO ME, and I thought that I couldn’t spell to, it’s scary to think somewhere out there is a worse speller than me. God help whoever you are.

Moving on… There i was able to take some B E A U T I F U L images, and then had something good to draw and thank god for it too. I now have so many photos to draw from which will luckily keep me busy when the weather is currently having a nervous breakdown out there. So Ive spent my days sat drawing, screaming along to Amy Winehouse RIP, eating humbugs (I’ve decided, totally going to buy a jar of them wherever I go now, by the time you see me I will indeed be a humbug itself) Now my sketch book is now quickly becoming such a fatty like myself from all the humbugs, and I am around ¾ through now, the sketch book I am now on about. By the time September comes and it’s time to go back to University I won’t be able to shut it.

Just a jar full of humbugs, soon to be empty. Up against some felt uneatable unfortunately humbugs which I made for my FMP in college. There look so perfect alongside each other.

Here’s a sneaky peek at a couple of my drawings, very random ones at the start… example of my exercise bike which is currently killing me, pretty flowers, outfits, an outing to Seaton, then eventually only three of Whitby. Some more to come soon over the summer including York drawings, happy non summer!