Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sunday, 26 February 2012


For my connections theme of pregnancy and childbirth I have decided to look into the technique of patination in jewellery, as well as later looking into other techniques in looking into different textures as well as negative shaping and making the shapes appear more 3d rather than working on a flat form.

These are the first few samples which I have done of patination working with applying vinegar, sea salts and table salt to metal, placing it into a mixture or painting it on as well as placing metal into salt and vinegar walkers crisps. Which has left my metal with blue colouring, all of these samples where created through cold patination, up next I’m going to look into applying heat to metal in changing the colour of the metal. I’m looking into creating more of a softer colour or even a red colour to the metal.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Thursday, 23 February 2012


On Sunday the 19th of February, I finally became an auntie to Eva Rose Davidson. She is the most perfect thing that I have ever seen I’m such a proud sister and auntie! I’ll be able to draw plenty of drawings of her as she fits perfectly into my theme for my brief of pregnancy in humans and animals.

Finally went back to uni this afternoon after spending some much needed bonding time with my niece, it was weird to be back and working! Cutting shapes out in jewellery to get under way of sampling and techniques, I’m looking into the technique of patination, just done a few samples there so my hands have being left smelling of vinegar, something that I’m going to have to get used to. I’ll be seeing what there look like in the next 24 hours and will keep you updated. Ceramics tomorrow, MOULD MAKING! Looking forward to getting messy.
Here’s just a few images of drawings which I have done last week and of course a photo of my beautiful niece just a few minutes old.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Me and crochet are slowly becoming new best friends as you can see, it’s certainly a good job that I only want to do such simple cord shapes instead of going all high tech, I wouldn’t have a chance in hell. Now that I finally learnt how to do it, up next was crocheting with wire, which with the finished result I was happy with! I’ve worked back into the crochet adding beading too as well as adding in theads.

Up next is to befriend knitting over the weekend, which will be a challenge. So far this week has being made up of a lot of planning into what materials I want to work with which seems to be a never ending list! I’m trying to work balanced out in both three areas of textiles, jewellery and ceramics this time!

As well ive being looking into influential artists to write about for my report, I’m defiantly stuck for choice and will keep you updated with who I finally manage to choose! It’s also helped me this week into looking into different artists who work with wire and make it appear effortless beautiful, so focusing it on one of them may be on the cards.

Here's a sneaky look into what's being keeping me busy so far this week.



Sunday, 12 February 2012


Finally a fresh start with a new brief along with a new theme, naïve is out the window, and now ‘connections’ is set in stone. From the word connection which was previously linked to my set mini one week brief, I have decided to look into pregnancy within humans and animals. This ties in nicely while waiting for my first niece to be born, 8 DAYS HOPEFULLY! Once my little cherub is born it will provide me with a huge lot of different things which I could draw from for my primary research. For the time which I’m left waiting and hoping to come sooner I’m looking into the womb and looking at the cord and how it connects, I’m going to be looking into recreating it with crochet and knitting (with the help from my mam) with wool, threads and coloured wires which will hopefully be arriving very soon! Imagery of drawings, research and sampling to follow very soon.  

Sunday, 5 February 2012


For our readers week we were set a week long brief of 'find your happy place'. The brief was broken up into four different areas of inner happiness, outer happiness, connections and celebrations. For this we were asked to produce two mood boards of religious celebrations, where I then went onto to focus on the elephant festival as well as holi, the festival of colour, which looks amazing. We were then asked to produce our own mood board of a group happiness occasion, so I choose to stay to my true love and do all the times which I have seen Florence & the machine, which was a very easy choice indeed. Other tasks included drawing places, objects and people and also drawing along while listening to music. These are just a few of my pieces of work. Back to uni tomorrow, wonder what our next brief will be….

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a workshop with Sarah Morpeth, here I learnt new ways of working with paper and creating them into mini sculptural books along with a meaning and a concept. I’m going to be using some of the things which I learnt for my mini week brief, find your happy place…

Her work is worth looking at on her website of -

So far I’ve only drew along to six songs, which was cracking. Tomorrow is going to be filled up of completing mood boards. And then‘connections’ drawing three of each people, object and places. I’ll be uploading some photos in the next couple of days. Although god help me drawing people, defiantly going for the continuous line appearance, that way there meant to be naïve. Wish me luck….

Some images of Sarah Morpeth work....

Myself working with paper....