Friday, 9 March 2012


I’ve being busy busy with sampling, and developing those samples even further alongside my research, drawings and ideas throughout the whole of my sketch book too. I’ve being overrun with the amount of jewellery samples that I have with looking into the technique of patination and texture, next week I’m going to be looking into getting my drawings into my samples by negative shaping. As well as drawing with wire itself which is going to tie nicely into textiles too.

Textiles finally underway with a wide range of different techniques from crochet with wool and wire, weaving, and manipulating fabrics alongside working with paper as well and attempting to combine them all togeather.

After having a few problems creating my moulds there finally ready to use, next week will be filled up of getting filthy and covered in clay, hello apron and scruffy clothes! Lots and lots slip casts to be created of different sized eggs, looking into different finishes and shapes for them, as well as having a long list of ideas of combining metal and textiles within them!

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