Friday, 27 January 2012


Finally our deadline has being and gone, and I’m so happy to have everything handed in, and one day early to! Don’t worry I took it upon myself to go and celebrate. We had to place all our work onto our bays, which proved difficult as somehow I seemed to have far too much; I swear it’s those boxes! In the end I came out with eight final pieces, I just don’t know how I did it. Luckily my silver plating items came on Thursday just one day before which was nerve wracking, but thank god there worked and look beautiful!

We’ve now being given a mini week brief to complete over readers week which is to do with finding our happy place within a series of drawings. So looks like this week will jam packed with continuous line drawings and then a workshop with Sarah Morpeth what I’m really looking forward to!

The following images are just some of my starting out samples then developing onto some more refined samples, which have then being displayed in a number of different ways. Such as being on a height chart, placed in books or placed onto card.

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