Friday, 2 December 2011


I've being sampling like crazy lately and finally I’m done, well with sampling anyhow, all 62 of them. I can’t wait to put my decals on my ceramics on Monday and to see the finished tile! Fingers crossed their will come out cracking and in one piece!

A week today and I’m hoping to know what I’m making ready for when I go back after Christmas. I have so many ideas so the week ahead will be filled with design sheets and sketch book work, when it will actually be nice to draw for a change, can’t remember the last time I had a pen in my hand! By the looks of things each final piece will somehow have metal within it, which is strange as we have a love/hate relationship. Hopefully we will end up having a smashing romance in the end, fingers crossed. 

After making my final products, there’s then displaying all my samples and final pieces too, which I’m really looking forward to doing. I’m thinking a height chart for my textiles samples and making a jigsaw for my metal and ceramic samples, very childlike!

This week my bay has being changing from a day to day basis, most of my samples are now hidden away within boxes clear of sight so i can finally focus upon so many to develop them even further. But Today has left me with stained busho hands again, even though I did wear gloves for a change. Over the weekend i'm going to busy drawing from insects focusing on their wings and thinking about how their could make a appearance within my final pieces. Here’s a sneaky look into my never ending samples, well some of them.

My jewelry samples, half animals half vegetables. So far my samples have being made of copper, but for my final pieces which i develop them into are going to be made from silver, CLASSY! Their have being etched into then oxidised, some have worked better than others which is a dear shame. Alice my teacher seems to think there's a voodoo feeling to them...
My mixed media samples have again being etched and oxidised, and some have being stitched onto flat textiles, where others have became more 3d, my final sample is appliqued mixing the two of textiles and metal together by using hand embroidery. 

My messy brusho samples which has left me with multi colored dirty hands just in time for the weekend.

Within my brusho samples i have worked back into it applying bleach in certain parts to cancel out the color, then layering it with stamping with my handmade rubber stamps as well as hand embroidery, I've also tried experimenting with magic touch over the top. 

Just two of my ceramic samples with mono print and rubber stamps pressed into them, there glazes where applied yesterday and should be out the kiln Monday ready for there decals and to be stitched into!

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  1. Ha sarah i love reading your blog!! I love your vegetable/animals they're amazing! You've done so much work you little grafter i love you x