Friday, 17 June 2011

After many hours spent hand stitching and beading, resulting in having very poorly fingers indeed. Not to mention the amount of times I tried to slip cast, it’s finally paid off! And today was the big day of getting our grades. I got a first, which made me very happy knowing that all them hours spent doing work did pay off. I had a nice surprise walking in and seeing everybody’s work from first year in the windows of the second and third years show, it was perfectly presented!
It was a live brief for Mima, to create a range under any given title. I decided to go with home sweet home where I felt more in my comfort zone. I created mixed media bunting, using magic touch paper to transfer my prints. Then I had the joy of hand stitching into them, oh the fun I had. Then mixed the material alongside slip casted pencils and spoons. Another piece which I made was scissor shaped pin cushions, mixing and matching having it half ceramic with the other half fabric.
First year has managed to go by so quickly, and my second year is just around the corner in September, scary stuff! Now it’s time for a very long break, but the summer project of ‘I know what you did last summer’ will hopefully keep me entertained!

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